How to Select a Winning Team in a Leading Translation Agency

איך בוחרים חברת תרגום

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For a business to grow and develop in various markets,it needs to be invested in its human capital. The human resource of a business is also its life pulse and face, determining the level of its success as a business. It can’t be undervalued. 


A precise and proper selection of the right personnel is made by a number of factors combined: An accurate match of a person to the job, understanding the system’s needs and being able to adapt to it, identifying his or her passion for the proposed area of work and using intuition while choosing. Yes, intuition. This the reason why taking time to carefully select the right people to entrust with a translation project is only done by Eyal Suher, the company CEO. This way, he becomes personally familiar with each translator and later on is able to engage a few professionals in one complex project, so that all he has left to do is manage it properly and supervise their work. 


Many fields such as energy, engineering, insurance and financial reports still require theoretical understanding and research knowledge, which is why it’s important to us that our translators are also academics. This is the only way we can ensure a high-level, professional translation in complex topics. 

This means strict criteria for choosing translators:

In order to ensure that he or her are the best choice for the project, each translator is asked to pass a 300-word test in one of the projects up for translation. The translation is checked by senior translator and the client gets an update.

The more diversified our pool of translators, the more we can ensure that the text will be translated by the most suited person who is fluent with the professional jargon.

Once he takes on the project, the translator is assessed by the following parameters:

We operate by the same guideline, using the same level of translators whether it is a one-time job for an individual or a massive project for an international company. Keeping highs standards and providing accurate service are the true reason why clients keep coming back to us.

The clients’ feedback help us improve, increase our accuracy level and of course, excel at what we do. Just like in sports – so in business – we strive to improve our abilities and expand our personal as well as our business limits.

We care about every individual and every business. For us, it’s far more than providing a translation – it’s a personal connection with our clients and with our business partners.

So on your next translation project – give us a try

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