אייל שור

Eyal Suher, CEO

The sports world is very similar to the business world – it’s all about strategies, tactics and immediate, precise response. You must be in great shape, work well with your team and juggle many personal skills to reach achievements. 

My name is Eyal Suher, and I am the CEO and Owner of Suher Translations and a former professional handball player in the Israel national handball team, as well as other top Teams in Israel. When I left the sports world, I began searching for the best alternative for myself. By chance or not – I chose the field of translation after having managed a number of business ventures in which I needed to use marketing, sales, and interpersonal skills as well as identifying business opportunities, and yes – translations, too.

I make sure to do only what I love. My passion for doing what I love drives me forward as new opportunities keep unfolding, bringing diverse professional connections and many innovations to my door.

Over time, the company I founded developed into an impressive team of professionals who provide solutions to almost anything related to businesses, but not only. 

We also cater to individuals who need personal documents translated, and they receive a fast, professional response like any big business does. Because we want anyone who needs our services to get a professional, timely response. 

Our vision is to provide the best quality service in Israel and abroad, while meeting our clients’ deadlines. As an international translation agency, we are a dynamic company that works around the clock, 24/7.

An outstanding translation is the outcome of many components without which it cannot be truly exceptional. They are: reliability, integrity and patience. Our company excels in all three of them.

Our reputation is important to us. We won’t take just any job, but only one that whose requirements we can meet, especially time-wise. Meeting deadlines is of top priority for us. The moment we take on a job – we will move mountains to make sure it is submitted on time and without compromising the quality.

We love challenges. Even if something seems undoable and unreasonable – try us. You can rest assured that you will receive a product that matches your expectations. 

Suher Translations Team

Each one of our team members is carefully chosen by matching his or her suitability. Our team is made up of experienced professionals, who, aside from their training and skills, do their work with passion.